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Married problems

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Beldejour Wed 13-Jul-16 17:13:27

I've been in the relationship with my husband for about his years, we have a little girl and another one on the way. Ever since I gave birth, (which was last year) things have changed. I don't feel the same way about him. I'm a stay at home Mum (running my small business from home) looking after our daughter and the house and he only works and does nothing else. He's always tired when he comes home from work and plays on his phone until bed time, we barely speak during that time. I feel like we have no common life. We haven't been on a date since over a year, but he's not bothered about it. I always have to push him to go on holiday or get away on a city break in Europe. I don't feel like a loving wife and I'm bored of this marriage. I feel more like in a friendship rather than relationship.

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