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DP on tinder... help!

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DoesItGetReallyGetBetter Wed 13-Jul-16 01:15:04

Do amd I have been together years, have kids but dont live together (financial messy divorce reasons).
We were planning our wedding and selling our houses to finally buy together and live as a family.

Stupid argument at weekend and today he refused to speak to me. He has blocked my number, deleted me on fb and according to friemds has made some show on his page about adding a women from Tinder.

Im in bits. Were professional grown adults in our 30's with children, not in a fucking playground. Ive emailed and tried everything and he just will not speak to me.

What the fuck is going on? rhetorical question I know hes a knob
But the man I love and planned to spend my life with, the father if my DC has just cut me off as if I dont exist.
I want to feel angry but Im just so hurt and so desperate to speak to him.
Please tell me this gets easier?

CaoNiMao Wed 13-Jul-16 02:47:13

It will get easier, as you realise that you've been spared the fate of having to spend the rest of your life with a man who clearly doesn't love and respect you.

MsMims Wed 13-Jul-16 02:53:20

He's moved fast, could it be he wanted out and the argument was a convenient reason?

Regardless, he is horribly selfish to block you out when you're clearly so upset. Even if he wants to end the relationship, stonewalling you is just so cruel.

NovemberInDailyFailLand Wed 13-Jul-16 02:53:22

Could he have been cheating before the argument, and is using it as a 'get out' excuse?

JackieAndHyde4eva Wed 13-Jul-16 02:55:17

Oh well, at least you know before you married him.

LilacInn Wed 13-Jul-16 02:56:34

Exactly cainimamo. Good luck op.

purplefox Wed 13-Jul-16 02:57:48

Could he have been cheating before the argument, and is using it as a 'get out' excuse?

This. The only reason I've ever jumped on Tinder immediately after any sort of fight/relationship breakup is to irrevocably damage the relationship and make sure there's no hope of any way back.

P1nkP0ppy Wed 13-Jul-16 02:58:16

He's behaving like a spoilt, petulant brat. Do you honestly want to spend your life with someone who behaves like that everytime you have a disagreement?
He is probably enjoying waiting for you to come running back to him with abject apologies.
He's clearly got no respect for you.

Pheonix1102 Wed 13-Jul-16 06:51:15

Sounds like a lucky escape OP. Get yourself busy with family and friends so you won't feel the urge to have to speak to him as much.
It will get easier if you want it to. Good luck.

Crazysaz1 Wed 13-Jul-16 07:01:26

I feel 4 u. My man and me were having a few probs... his kids and mine all in same house etc so we agreed he should move out. Snooper a bit last nite to discover he's been flat out of pof and several real sleazy sites plus been on porn constantly the whole time we were together. 1 week after he left he went and snagged some girl and I got into his pix to c the lovely pic he'd took of her big saggy arse and the broken headboard. It's gutting. We deserve better! Ass holes. Chin up missy xxx

DoesItGetReallyGetBetter Wed 13-Jul-16 08:16:01

Ive honestly no idea how long hes been on there but an hour or a month dont make much difference does it?!
I am just devestated at the lack of respect, spoilt brat sums it up perfectly.

Summerlovinf Wed 13-Jul-16 08:20:45

Is it likely that he's not keen on the whole moving in and marriage thing? He sounds huffy and childish anyway...lucky escape for you in the long run

ExasperatedAlmostAlways Wed 13-Jul-16 10:03:21

Do not take him back. He's shown you his true colours. You deserve much better. What age are your children together? One bonus is you are already living independently so no need to worry about sorting that.

Hopefully your upset will change to full on anger soon as that's easier to deal with.

princessmi12 Wed 13-Jul-16 13:46:25

Sorry but the whole setup seem weird have children together but don't live together? Have you ever lived together? Who looks after the children? Who pays for them? And its not one child you have with him,but at least too?
Seems like he never wanted a family in first place and looked for an excuse to break off relationship.
I hope you'll apply for child maintenance straight away!

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