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Wanting to kill your child's father

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Chirstmascake1 Tue 12-Jul-16 09:25:36

Wanting to kill your child's father...Because he's such a s****. Does this feeling go over time? Of is it a lifetime of misery...?

Chillyegg Tue 12-Jul-16 09:33:11

Ahhhh I can relate I have no idea if it ever goes away I've been awake all night worrying about money. As cunt ex said he'd stop paying....just cus.

Chirstmascake1 Tue 12-Jul-16 09:40:33

Mine still not paying right amount. How long has it been for you separated? Mine is being a shit about collecting / drop off? What's the norm? I've been doing one way and have asked for him to collect from a family member's house and he is refusing. I hate him so much. 🙄

Dutchcourage Tue 12-Jul-16 09:52:55

It depends.

It depends on how much you let them get to you. I have a quiet indifference to mine now after 21 years.

Not a penny in support, pissing about collecting, not showing up, jail, letting girlfriends dictate who my child can have on her facebook ...

When you are involved with some one who is this difficult - for your own sanity you have to let it go. Smile and wave and be pleasant. Otherwise it's the DC that get hurt.

I had to pretend I was gardening the other day - extremely busy weeding the garden- in the corner with my back to him- otherwise he would have seen my red furious face and bared teeth. 21 years in he can still fuck me off but I pretend to myself he doesn't then the feeling ebbs away - as at the moment I can't afford a hit man.

True story wine

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