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Family have disowned me

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user1468244773 Mon 11-Jul-16 15:12:31

Most of my family apart from my oldest sister have cut me out of their lives.

The reason? Because I used a Facebook group to privately moan (pregnant and hormonal) and someone decided to screen shot and send it to my sister. Now she and my brother (who I wasn't even moaning about) has not spoken to me in months. I'm due next week.

I'm so hurt, and I'm missing them like mad. But when it happened I appologised 100x. It wasn't even bad things I was moaning about, just feeling like I was being pushed out. Which I clearly was as they have cut me and my children out so easily.

I'm feeling really depressed. I speak to my oldest sister but not as much as before, and haven't seen her since it happened.


Gazelda Mon 11-Jul-16 15:18:19

What a horrible time to feel so lonely.

All I can suggest is that you message them with a pic of your beautiful new baby along with a message "sorry we fell out a few months ago. I've missed you, but hope you'll come to visit soon and meet little [name]".

lovecamping Mon 11-Jul-16 15:19:08

I am sorry this has happened to you - it's shitty but how much can you blame them!

I left a friendship because she openly bitched about her sisters husband (who the friendship group all knew). If you bitch about family in a public forum, it's a nasty thing to do....
Maybe more grovelling & flowers, pictures of newborn etc...
In my experience babies can bring people together but only if you are willing to promise you will never do it again! Good luck

Owllady Mon 11-Jul-16 15:23:26

Do you need to apologise to who you were slagging off?
It's difficult really to make any sort of judgement without knowing the full story.
My father and his family cut me off for 'something I'd said' but it was just an excuse. I realised later he had been emotionally (and physically) abusing me, so it was most probably good the initial estrangement happened. This may not be the case with you though, so you have to make judgements on the given situation. If you need to apologise and make up, do. Most people are open to forgiveness

Hissy Mon 11-Jul-16 17:22:32

Normal people would be upset to learn that you thought you were being pushed out and would want to sort it out above everything.

What snide bastard sent the screenshot? What did you actually say?

I hope you bollocked the bitch who stirred this all up?

As long as you haven't torn anyone apart, you're entitled to moan about things you feel.

To me sounds like you touched on a nerve and now they are following through with the distancing you did feel.

You apologised, they have to accept it and move on or not and lose you.if they feel the latter, let them go. Seriously.

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