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Practical things to do to help friend with cheating scumbag

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littlemissangrypants Sun 10-Jul-16 10:00:19

I'm about to see friend who found out last night that her scummy partner of 17 years has been cheating on her.
He was emotionally abusive and financially abusive and I tried my best to get her to leave but she loves him. So now she has found out that he had been cheating for last 7 months. He left her without money to tried his girlfriend.
My friend only claims child benefit for herself so he has all the money. He is on benefits too as he can never hold down a job. My friend doesnt know where to start with benefits and how to claim and what she can even claim. She also doesnt know if she can get her ex out.
I have no idea how to help her so popping over with alcohol and chocolates and a listening ear but would love to give her some decent info about what to do next.

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