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Texts, what are yours like from your dp/dh?

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footballcrazy11 Wed 06-Jul-16 13:31:37

All I get is one two words with no kiss or anything at the end. I will be honest it does make me smile as he is quite affectionate face to face but I am curious if this is a man thing?

NoCapes Wed 06-Jul-16 13:34:11

Mine are usually 'yes' 'no' 'soon' or 'what time?'

That's it
He doesn't do affection

offside Wed 06-Jul-16 13:34:32

I don't think it's a "man thing", I think it's a your DH/DP thing. I have girl friends who don't put kisses or anything you would associate with being female, yet all my male friends put kisses on their texts and my DP does too, even to his male mates sometimes, and he's what would be described as a "lad's lad". I don't think that there is a standard here.

juneau Wed 06-Jul-16 13:35:52

Very brief, no punctuation, no capitals, no kisses!

PeppasNanna Wed 06-Jul-16 13:36:05

That sounds like my dp & my grown up son.
Fairly typical!

toffeeboffin Wed 06-Jul-16 13:36:19

Usually fairly to the point. Sometimes kisses, angel, darling etc.

TheNaze73 Wed 06-Jul-16 13:36:32

I think texting can be overused a lot of the time. I don't think it's just a man thing though. Plenty of people I know from both sexes, are direct with texts & save the fluff for when they're face to face

BertieBeats Wed 06-Jul-16 13:37:00

My partner usually puts 3 kisses at the end but the actual messages tend to be day to day stuff, like pick up milk or something that's happened at work. I'm the same. He's very affectionate when we're together and because we're ever apart that long we never feel the need to be lovey dovey in messages. I suppose it might be different if one us worked away or on holiday and hadn't seen each other for a few days.

footballcrazy11 Wed 06-Jul-16 13:37:18

Yes thinking about it offside my DS always adds a kiss and says he loves me by text so must depend the the person I suppose.

NoCapes that's about what I get too grin

reallyanotherone Wed 06-Jul-16 13:38:29

Kisses? Wtf is that about?

Im female and wouldn't have a clue how to add a kiss to a text message, and can't see why on earth you would want to. I wouldn't put kisses on a letter or email- unless i was 13 and also writing swalk on the envelope.

People read too much into stuff.

ThePyjamasOfACat Wed 06-Jul-16 13:39:47

Always kisses, even for banal conversations about picking up milk. Uses my nicknames. Always uses correct grammar and punctuation (very important!).

champagneplanet Wed 06-Jul-16 13:41:31

Usually info only, the odd nice text to say goodnight if he's away overnight. He's not a text person at all, if he has something to say he'll call and say it in person.

TheHobbitMum Wed 06-Jul-16 13:42:55

Always kisses, love you, random talk and I get loads of texts/emails a day. DH together 17yrs always been this way, it must depend on the person?

ThoraGruntwhistle Wed 06-Jul-16 13:45:10

DH's don't ever have X's at the end, and the spelling is usually interesting.

BarbaraofSeville Wed 06-Jul-16 13:47:17

Ours are quite conversational or can be one words, but neither of us use kisses.

The kisses thing is a bit weird TBH. I've never put kisses but notice a lot of people (mostly women, although there aren't any men except DP that I routinely get texts from) do and get offended if you forget, to the degree that if you forget to put kisses on your texts, you might as well be writing 'I fucking hate you and I hope you die' confused DSis I am looking at you.

footballcrazy11 Wed 06-Jul-16 13:58:41

TheHobbit yours are lovely

TheHobbitMum Wed 06-Jul-16 14:03:16

Thank you Football, I can see it would not suit others to have so many texts/emails etc but I love it. Those were last night after him being out for a run for 2hrs while kids were at the pool. Not exactly a long time apart lol I guess if communication works there's no right or wrong.

birdsdestiny Wed 06-Jul-16 14:08:37

I now feel a bit lacking in the text department. Dh has been away for 3 days. Got a text last night to say he was throwing up in restaurant toilets after a dodgy pasta. Definitely no kisses.

hellsbellsmelons Wed 06-Jul-16 14:08:58

My OH mainly asks how my day is going. Am I busy?
Nickname and then Love you followed by loads of XXXXXXXX
I'd be miffed and a bit upset if I got no kisses grin

pixieg1rl Wed 06-Jul-16 14:11:13

Ours are "can you call me?" "What time are you home?" and shopping lists. No kisses from either of us.

UmbongoUnchained Wed 06-Jul-16 14:12:01

I usually get 6 messages of autocorrect followed by phone call grin

Flossiesmummy Wed 06-Jul-16 14:17:20

Mine are downright silly. He'll text me names of bird celebrities he's made up (look up celebirding) or memes.

Occasionally get one that says "can you pick up dishwasher tabs?" or similar.

Leopard12 Wed 06-Jul-16 14:21:41

When living apart we had longer texts and kisses but now we live together we barely text as no phones at either workplace so it's a quick phone call when he's on the way home or a text to say be late or something no kisses

DereksGotATail Wed 06-Jul-16 14:26:25

Short with no kisses. His work is unpredictable so I like to know whether he'll be home for tea. His text is usually "leaving now". Not one to waste his words.

RedMapleLeaf Wed 06-Jul-16 14:26:41

Im female and wouldn't have a clue how to add a kiss to a text message

It's not too difficult once you've had the training.

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