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Marital financial settlement templates. Anyone got similar scenario that can give pointer as to possible award from court or their solicitors advice

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Xmasbaubles Wed 06-Jul-16 09:15:41

Anyone had a financial settlement following a marriage breakdown with similar criteria.
I don't know what's acceptable I'm under the doctor for mmental health issues amongst other illnesses. I'm being forced to conclude finances but have no way of getting my head around stuff and my home is upside down literally a building site as I had no option but to buy a do up home to afford to remain close to my Child's school. I just can't think straight and ex won't give me anymore time😞.
Just want some idea of what's the norm/reasonable award. I took my ex proposals to sols but they said they couldn't make sense of it, need proof etc.
Anyway here is the template, if yours was similar can you indicate roughly what you were awarded. Just needs some bones to hang the flesh as a starting point.

Age 55 Together 18 years, married 16 years. 1 child 14, I haven't worked for 15 years. I have a tiny pension, not worth much. I've three physical illnesses and on medication for them all. We have already sold marital home, he bought his a year and half before mine, I have now bought a nightmare and desperately trying to make a home for my child and I.

2shyshy Wed 06-Jul-16 10:24:04

We need more information than this to be honest, how much do you both earn, how much equity was there in the marital home etc..

There is a great forum called Wikivorce, google it, I got some very good advice from there about finances when I needed it.

Xmasbaubles Wed 06-Jul-16 11:24:23

Hi earn nothing as I have been sahm and he is 70k plus. Marital home was sold so it's all about how many years he supports me and how much. Do I get half of all his pensions or just 1 he chooses? I need to get my home straight and also I have no training on PC whatsoever to go into the work place at 55 is quite daunting

MatildaTheCat Wed 06-Jul-16 12:04:40

Have you considered mediation? I've been watching it on the current tv series and it seems helpful. But in the sense that you need an idea of what you are entitled to, I believe the starting point is generally 50:50 split of assets accrued during the marriage which would include pension. Spousal maintenance would need specialist advice. I think you would be expected to work TBH.

PigletWasPoohsFriend Wed 06-Jul-16 12:08:49

Marital home was sold so it's all about how many years he supports me and how much.

Spousal maintenance isn't a given. You usually have to be earning a very high wage to get it. You may get an amount for a set amount of time. (A few years).

Helpmeltb Wed 06-Jul-16 18:10:23

Hmm...don't think selling the home and buying two others was a great idea tbh. My solicitor has advised that the financial settlement should deal with the splitting of the house to ensure we both end up with similar living standards (I.e. dh wants to keep our 4 bed detached so I should get a pay out of more than 50% equity plus some spousal maintenance to allow me to get a 3 bed rather than a 2 bed)

Helpmeltb Wed 06-Jul-16 18:13:02

Oh yes, reading the 2 comments below mine reminds me - one reason my solicitor thinks I will get spousal maintenance is because I already work full time with minimal costs (work locally in professional job, cheapest childcare for kids cos we use wraparound care so not much chance of me increasing my income)

Magpi32016 Wed 06-Jul-16 21:59:06

There are lots of jobs you can do without PC eg shops, caring, kitchen, ironing etc

It would suggest putting the same question into the legal or divorce/seperation section

Do you intend to divorce or seperate ?

If divorced, I would be surprised if you receive spousal maintenance

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