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Why does he do that?

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timbershakes Fri 01-Jul-16 22:29:57

Does anybody have a copy of Lundy Bancroft book "Why does he do that?" they'd be willing to pass onto me? I've tried reserving a copy at my local library, depressingly the waiting list is soo long for it, I don't think I'm gonna get it for a while! I'm more than happy to pass it on to someone else once I've finished with it.

Anyway I'm in the process of separating and needing something to help cling onto my sanity before it disappears completely. xx

NewStartNow Fri 01-Jul-16 23:11:47

you can get second hand copies (and new) from Amazon pretty quickly. It's worth every penny.
I still dip into mine 6 months on when I'm having a bad day. It really does help.
Hope you're OK

AtTheEndofTheRoad Sun 03-Jul-16 22:37:47

You can get it on kindle/ I pad. That's what I did. Is that an option?

unintendedcatlady Sun 03-Jul-16 22:45:23

I've got one if you want to DM me. Happy to post it on to you - just can't work out how to message you on the app!

merville Sun 03-Jul-16 23:40:20

Sent msg to your inbox (found under My Mumsnet)

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