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Parter leaving me while pregnant

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Txrx Fri 01-Jul-16 20:49:46

I have never posted on here before but really need some support.. I'm a young mum pregnant with 3rd baby all with the same dad and when we are good we are really good but when bad it's horrible I don't have any friends to talk to as my friends are his friends girlfriends so don't like the whole gossip thing.. He just told me that we need to leave it as we have been arguing a lot lately don't want to make him out the be the bad person as we both can be as bad as each other but just feel as if I care a lot more! I get upset about a lot of things don't know if that's just hormones but he seems to get annoyed with that I feel really heartbroken at the fact of us splitting up for good I really thought we would spend the rest of our lives together but don't know where the line is I don't want to beg for him not to leave as I think if he stays just to feel sorry for me that's not a relationship I don't know what to do with myself anymore I feel really sad at the thought of telling my kids he has gone.. Can anyone give me any advice, no horrible comments please I feel Rubbish enough sad

Redcupcake Fri 01-Jul-16 21:05:31

Hey listen hunny you need to keep your chin up for the kids okay?
I am going through a similar thing but this isn't about me, maybe you need to let him go so he can come back because trust me he will if he loves which I am sure he does.
Hormones are bitches and the sooner men realise that the better the world will be, they are not an excuse but they sure as hell don't help us. Have you tried doing something just the two of you maybe suggest some quality time together where you can talk about everything and place all cards on the table.

If not the least he owes you if for you both to sit down with the kids and explain, it shouldn't be all up to you.

I feel for you sweetheart I am sending virtual hugs x

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