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Beating myself up over my ex

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eirrah Thu 30-Jun-16 11:22:16

Split up in September, his choice, and I foolishly practically begged him back but he wouldn't have it. Was still sleeping together until about 2 months' ago and speaking almost every day. Absolutely horrible man. He blocked me on everything because he liked to 'wind me up' and he knew it would upset me and he knew i was still in love with him.

I have now met somebody else and I am genuinely so happy. When my ex found out, he text me and called me two faced and had a massive go at me. My new boyfriend and my ex have known each other since they were kids and went to primary and high school together. Not exactly close friends now but they still speak occasionally. My new boyfriend knows all about my ex but says it's nothing to do with him and he will be polite and so on.

Anyway, my ex has now blocked me on everything. This i don't really care about, but he has also deleted my new boyfriend off facebook twitter etc. Not sure why. I presume jealousy.

It is awkward as my ex is best friends with my best friend too and she feels very stuck in the middle. I wish he wasn't in my life at all but it makes it hard when them two are still friends.

I can't help but beat myself up about staying with him for so long (just over 4 years) and am paranoid he is going to try and cause bother between either me and my new boyfriend or me and my best friend. i don't know what, but he is very sly and nasty and i can't help but worry. I have told my new partner everything and he said he is glad I'm open about it and trust him to talk to, but i feel a bit mean speaking about my ex to him sad

sorry, rambling a bit, i just wish he would leave me alone entirely.

techmonkey Thu 30-Jun-16 12:16:27

Record any contact your ex has with you... Over time you will get enough data for a restraining order perhaps?
Or do you have some men in the family that can "ask" him to stop? Nicely of course!
Might be worth blocking him on all social media and changing your phone number too...
Sorry he's such a douche... Some people are pretty weird aren't they!
Don't ask your friend to choose, you have to try to rise above it, don't sink to his level!
Good luck!

OurBlanche Thu 30-Jun-16 18:04:13

Tell your friend there is no middle for her to be stuck in. He (ex) wanted to leave, you are now happy. There is nothing for her to be bothered by.

Say it to as many people as you can. You don't have to explain his nasty side, just blithely repeat that the split was his idea and that now, months later, you are happy.

They'll work it out...

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