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How to get over a relationship , where contacted is necessary

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sarah48999 Tue 28-Jun-16 22:53:48

Contacted necessary because of kids . 4 years together - emotionally abusive - now seperated ... I've surprised myself . I think I'm happy I'm definitely not sad ... What now ?
He's still giving it the old ' if you cHange things would be good and still could be ' I'm not having any of it ,,, not now , but how to keep away?
His contact with children kills me . Ones only a baby shouldn't be away from his mother ,,. This is the price I pay though .
What would help me not fall back into the same trap

SandyY2K Tue 28-Jun-16 23:02:04

Keep contact to be about the kids only.

If he's so awful, try and get a third party to filter contact through.

Please do not get back into his clutches. If he says crap about you changing, just ignore him. Do not engage in any non child related conversation with him.

Keep it very brief and business like. If he starts going off topic just say .... "Ok bye now". "Or I have to go, I'm expecting a call".

Do not entertain his stupidity and try and look as though your life is so much better without him. Appear happy and smiley.

You can do so much better than an abuser.

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