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Life is a mess and going know where - moral support needed

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user1467048910 Mon 27-Jun-16 18:45:42

Well I don't know where my life is going, i'm 34 and the years seem to be whizzing by without me. I feel I did not make the most of my 20's just concentrated on work and study and now I feel left behind and on the shelf.

I have never had a long term relationship, I have tired Internet dating for the last few years and met some lovely guys but none have wanted to progress beyond the first date, just saying they want to be friends. I try going to various meet up groups like social dinning, yoga, museum meets, social drinks which is very hard for me to do as I am introverted and a slightly deaf. I think I come across as a bit odd at first and its only when people get to know me a bit they know I am not just that socially aquward person, just trouble is few take the time. I have a small group of friends and I am very close to my family. It just feels like I am never going to settle down. I always thought by know I would be married with kids.

Added to that I feel I am trudging through my job, it pays well but I don't enjoy it. I have friends which have turned their passion into a business, Yoga, Reiki, massage. I have passions but not at the level needed to do it for a career I love coking but I'm not to chef standards. Also I have a mortgage to pay I can't afford the drop in wages. I had being a corporate wage slave!

I just feel my life is in a rut and feel my life is going by without me. I wasted my 20's and I'm doing the same now.

Sorry for the rant just looking for some TLC

Nobloodynamesleft Mon 27-Jun-16 18:55:42

Your life doesn't sound a mess; quite the opposite. It's very orderly. You have the mortgage and the career. I don't know you or what you're in to; but I find a change of scenery really helps with perspective, and to form ideas and plans. In your position I'd plan to travel but push some boundaries at the same time. So go to Thailand for a fortnight or backpack around Italy or south of France for ten days. Something to get excited about and hopefully meet others at the same time.

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