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Walking away

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user1467033505 Mon 27-Jun-16 14:56:09

Hello, I'm new, and in need of some advice. So here goes, I have been married to my husband for 8 yrs, been together 10, we have two children together 7 and 9, and I have 16 year old from a previous marriage.
I have decided to leave him, we have nothing in common, we went out for a meal and we had nothing to say to each other, we ate in silence. I am fed up of trying been doing it for so long, I feel all I'm good for is to do house hold chores and take care of the kids. He knows full well that I'm not happy, but he begs me to stay.... I'm also scared to become a single mum of 3. I did have an affair a while back which has also left me broken hearted, but he made me realise what I have been missing in my life. He was married too, husband doesn't know about it.
In the pass when I was pregnant with my youngest I found out he was using heroin, also he is a recovering alcoholic. He hasn't used and been clean for 6years...... And I think it's finally hitting me like a massive delayed reaction.
I just don't where to start, I have never claimed benefits, we rent our house off of the council, I do work, but I don't if I can continue with it, may have to drop my hours..... Any words of advice would be helpful.
Thank you for reading.

Resilience16 Wed 29-Jun-16 20:25:45

Contact the CAB for some free advice 're benefits, housing Tec, then you will a bit better idea where you stand.

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