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How long was it before you told your partner that you was in love with them?

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HeadOverFlipFlops Thu 23-Jun-16 13:12:55

I've been seeing this guy for 5 weeks and I think that I'm in love with him, it's early I know and I wouldn't dream of telling him but it had me wondering when is it acceptable to express your feelings in that way?

How long were you together before you told them?

LesisMiserable Thu 23-Jun-16 13:34:43

About two months.

Purplemonkeydishwasherpimp Thu 23-Jun-16 14:20:21

You're not in love after 5 weeks!

5 months perhaps.

RedMapleLeaf Thu 23-Jun-16 14:28:13

Yeah, I have said it in a similiar time frame. I don't say it the first few times I feel it bubbling up inside me, but I say it when I feel calm and it feels right and I know I'll be happy not hearing it said back to me.

Kungfupandaworksout16 Thu 23-Jun-16 14:30:55

8 weeks.

Footle Thu 23-Jun-16 14:31:13

Couple of weeks. I still am, nearly 40 years later.

ladylouanne Thu 23-Jun-16 14:32:40

About 7 months but that's because I waited til he said it first. Unlike red maple, I knew I couldn't handle the risk of him not saying it back but I was bursting say it from about 4 months in.

It was really hard tbh. I'm not over-burdened with patience ..

TheNaze73 Thu 23-Jun-16 14:34:19

Op, I'm agreeing with purple Struggling to see how you can be in love after 5 weeks. Lust & love can be easily confused in the early days of relationship. I'd say you can't know for sure, until after a year or so.
Think the actions to support it are more important than the words but, I told my DP after a year

AprilLoveJ Thu 23-Jun-16 14:34:26

About a month. We got engaged after a few months. That was 9 years ago. We now have a beautiful little girl together. Hope life is kind and we get to grow old together.

Il admit this scenario isn't common for most, but it does happen.

mimiasovitch Thu 23-Jun-16 14:36:18

I said it after about 4 weeks, but knew after about 2 that if I didn't dump him then, that would be it for life. It was quite a scary feeling at 18 year old. 25 years later I'm very glad I followed my heart.

LuciaInFurs Thu 23-Jun-16 14:43:49

I think it was 10 months.

PaintedDrivesAndPolishedGrass Thu 23-Jun-16 14:51:19

4 days 😮. And yes it does happen. You know when you know. No confusion of love and lust, it was and still is much bigger than just lust.

CwtchMeQuick Thu 23-Jun-16 14:52:12

With my ex it was about 6 weeks in, but we'd known each other over a year and had been seeing each other on and off for about 4 months before we made it official. I waited for him to say it, and had been ready to say it for about a week or so before he did. When you know you know.

iremembericod Thu 23-Jun-16 15:03:46

I said it about 4 months in but looking back it was only a shallow version of what I feel now.

I think you do know the difference between lust and love early on but a deep love only develops over significant time.

PaintedDrivesAndPolishedGrass Thu 23-Jun-16 17:03:33

iremembericod I disagree about a deep love only developing over time. Sometimes, 2 people are absolutely right for each other and as I said before, you just know.

WombOfOnesOwn Thu 23-Jun-16 20:33:06

One week. Talking to him felt magical, familiar in a way I couldn't place.

Three days after that, we realized that we (both in our late 20s at the time) had actually known each other as teenagers and had an online relationship over a decade before.

Three years later, we married, and a few months after that, we had our first child -- he's four months old on Thursday!

PaintedDrivesAndPolishedGrass Thu 23-Jun-16 20:56:18

womb that is lovely. Congratulations on your little boy.

NedStarksHead Thu 23-Jun-16 21:07:29

2 weeks after I'd met him, we're still together 3 years on with a DD smile

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