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"Should I worry my sons bestfriend is called Muhammad" Angry post.

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sugarplumfairy28 Wed 22-Jun-16 10:19:26

My family and I emigrated in 2014 but I still follow a Facebook page from our home town. The title above was actually posted with genuine concern by a local. What on earth are people teaching their kids by making statements like this!! Some of the comments were worse in my opinion, and have completely taken me aback.

What has hit home for me is, my DS (7) does have a best friend called Muhammad. I am so so angry that we live in a world where a child! can be judged on the basis of a name. Due to the way it is pronounced here I honestly thought for about a year his name was Mormit, upon finding out his name is Muhammad I couldn't care less, he is still a very sweet, polite and cheeky little boy, just like my son.

Please restore my faith in humanity, please someone else say that to post something of this nature is beyond words.

tribpot Wed 22-Jun-16 10:24:30

I would be tempted to post something deliberately missing the point, like "it's always an issue having a name with lots of different spellings, isn't it? A bit like Louis/Lewis/Luis etc. Hopefully everyone has got the hang of how he spells it, so he's not always having to correct it".

Or miss the point even more and say "I know it can seem unusual given the name Jesus isn't used as a given name in the UK but elsewhere in Europe there are lots of people called Jesus, so being named after a religion's primary prophet is quite usual".

Kitsa Wed 22-Jun-16 10:46:26

Point out it was the 14th most common boy's name in the UK in 2015 so it's hardly surprising he has a best friend called it.

I know how you feel, a bit, Op, have moved back to my hometown after a few years away, and I always knew a lot of people here were racist, narrow-minded and horrible but either it's got worse or living elsewhere has just made it seem even more depressing to me now.

It is just awful.

JellyBean31 Wed 22-Jun-16 11:16:34

My son's best friend has a very Anglo Saxon name, he is of Nigerian origin, we are white. I talk to lots of people about DS & friend doing stuff together, going to prom, 18th birthday parties and having their first "lads" holiday this year - never a problem. However, when I've taken a photo of the 2 of them for something significant and I show people, their facial reaction is visible... "oh is that <friend's name>, I didn't realise" I mean WTF.... do I have to explain the heritage of everyone in my acquaintance?

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