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Mother who was upset she'd lost control of her 40yo son

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angryinlaws Tue 21-Jun-16 12:24:32

Sorry, this is a TAAT. I was just about to comment on the thread when it got deleted and can't see the deletion message as I hadn't posted yet.
Even with several very different details, I was half worried it was my MIL posting! confusedgrin
Anyway please could someone share why it was pulled? Was it a troll?

TrippyMcTrapFace Tue 21-Jun-16 12:35:15

"Thread deleted

Message from MNHQ:

Thanks for the reports, we have a funny feeling about this one, as did many of you so we have decided to zap it now.

angryinlaws Tue 21-Jun-16 12:43:09

Thanks trippy!

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