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Dating sites..

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Neatfreak38 Tue 21-Jun-16 10:17:18

So my friends on a dating site and at the weekend we got looking at people in our area. I have never used one not been on one (or so I thought) until I registered to have a nose round and saw I'd ready done so. I suspect this comes from a long while back when someone spotted my ex on it but it doesn't matter.
Anyway I've gone on and realised despite just looking I'm pretty picky!
I have no trust really and have had a few messages from people that seem nice but how do you know?!
Whose been/is on one? Come on tell me your experiences so if j actually start looking I know what's what!

ZerenaZZ Wed 22-Jun-16 15:22:31

Personally, I have met a few really nice ones. I don't meet up immediately. I expect to talk to someone for a while over kik or email for a month before I'll even consider meeting them. If they like you, they'll wait. I'll also speak over the phone and on face time or Skype in that time.

Reason; you can cut everybody you don't have a lot in common with and block the crazy ones. If they're bombarding you with upset messages because you didn't respond to their message on a busy day you can block before they know how to find you.

I never put up my full identity on the Internet for safety reasons. Until we've built a trusting relationship, they don't know my full name or how to find me. First name, area you live, what you do for a living, whether you have kids, what your interests are, pictures.....they don't need to know anything beyond that until you are ready to meet them. Always talk over the phone or Facetime before agreeing to meet as you'll get a better sense of them.

Remember, when you're meeting strangers you don't have the benefit of knowing their reputation. If you meet someone within a friendship circle or locally, gossip will warn you about potentially violent/pschyotic/stalker ones. Online, you need to filter people out through their interactions with you so be wary. It's a hunting ground and there are a few bad ones.

It's the best place to find people you have similar interests with though. You can specify exactly what you want. No need to settle. I have met some that are now good friends because we had no chemistry. I'm currently seeing a very nice man that I wouldn't have met otherwise.

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