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Ex bamboozling me

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WellDoYaPunk Mon 20-Jun-16 12:40:01

Hoping for help as my ex tends to blast things at me to confuse me.

Seperated one year & he's texted to say he wants to start discussing divorce.

I had assumed we'd wait two years as no adultery & going down the unreasonable behaviour route would strain our amicable ish relationship (well if I did it on him he'd prob never speak to me again!)

Also I don't want to discuss things with him privately because like I said he bamboozles me into things! We have kids & equity in the house & my car, his pension to take into account.

Can someone tell me how this works, does he go to a soliciter, petition for divorce, we go to a mediator, then court. have I got that right?

I had assumed hoped I'd wait two years & I'd file against him.

Btw he's brought this up because he's angry I've asked him to have the kids eow - he prefers to come round and piss all over his territory.

He's a strange bloke, I've changed username but got a lot of support at the time of seperating. If anyone remembers he's the one who slept in my brand new bed while I was away & got cross on ds birthday that I'd ruined his chance to sing happy birthday because I'd not made a cake for his visit!!

So if anyone can help me navigate this it'd be v appreciated!

hellsbellsmelons Mon 20-Jun-16 13:27:07

You need to get a solicitor.
You will anyway at some point so better sooner rather than later.
Tell him your solicitor will be in touch with a financial offer for divorce.
You won't discuss it with him that is will all go via the solicitor.
I can only assume he has met someone else if he wants a divorce?
If you do absolutely have to meet him then get a friend or family member to go with you.
Don't get cornered by this creep on your own.

And by the way, he sounds live an abusive prick.
You could divorce him on grounds of unreasonable behaviour!

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