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Online Freedom Course

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ocd4eva Sun 19-Jun-16 21:10:02


I'm thinking about doing the online freedom course. I'm not in a position to attend the 12 week in person course atm ( due to relocating because I'm leaving partner), I do want to take positive steps to a brighter a future and feel doing this course would help.

A brief background, my partner is violent towards me, but I feel he is emotionally abusive, controlling and manipulative. Its got to the point where I can't recognise the behaviour as unacceptable any more and need help with this and implementing boundaries after I move.

Has anybody done the online course/ was it worth it/did it help?

ocd4eva Sun 19-Jun-16 21:10:56

Sorry it should say partner ISN'T violent towards me

WellWhoKnew Sun 19-Jun-16 23:48:01

I did it online and read the book which is available on Kindle. It really helped me take a step back and realise just how dysfunctional my marriage had been, and how much I had given up of myself over the years.

I liked the EA behaviour v the friend aspect. Made it stark. It did make me angry at myself for a while as well though - for putting up with so much.

Personally I think the course should be mandatory!

ocd4eva Mon 20-Jun-16 17:59:21

Thanks Well. I'm not expecting it to be an easy process. I think I need help to see what a "normal" relationship should look like again.

Hidingtonothing Mon 20-Jun-16 18:18:49

I think the only reason people say it's 'better' to do the course in person is because it's helpful to be around people who've had similar experiences, that doesn't mean the online course isn't worth doing, it absolutely is. You sound very switched on and emotionally aware, I bet you'll get heaps out of doing the course in whatever form is possible for you at the moment. Well done for taking positive steps to help yourself flowers

ocd4eva Mon 20-Jun-16 20:31:21

Thanks Hiding. That's a lovely thing to say. My self-esteem and confidence are rock bottom right now, so it really means a lot to me when someone says something like that to me.

I feel like I'm at the beginning of a new journey. Its not the road I ever imagined I'd be walking, but I have a baby, and something about being a mother feels me with strength and power. We will be ok, we are not only going to survive this curve ball, but we will bloody thrive ( channeling positive thoughts).... Any other single mums out there who can offer words of support or advice how have walked this path before us?

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