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Domestic violence

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user1466054248 Sat 18-Jun-16 13:44:53

Many of us suffer in silence where domestic violence is concerned BUT you DONT have to , Surrey Police a running a big campaign at the moment against domestic violence .. I suffered for over 10 years in a violent relationship, lost all my friends ,self confidence, money , house , everything... But I am pleased to say i managed to escape and eventually learned to yrust another man that he wouldn't hit me every day ... It wasn't easy but every day was better ... You don't have to suffer in silence please please call 999 or 101 or even tell a friend ... There is light trust me ... Please inbox me if I can do anything to help or for further information on the Surrey Police campaign.. ( I am not employed by any Government company) .. Lisa

user1466054248 Sat 18-Jun-16 13:53:03

Do people know about the helpline 01483 776822, do they know they can always contact us on 101 or of course 999. Do they know abuse need not be physical before it can be reported as a crime? Emotional and psychological abuse can carry a term of up to 5 years if convicted.

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