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minnietai Tue 14-Jun-16 21:38:04

After reading some of the messages lm kind of hoping that some of u ladies can help me straighten my mind out, the issue l want to talk about is my husbands infidelity. its not once l have caught him but this time l am finding it had to gain hope or have faith that this relationship can be anything at all. we do not talk freely like we used to because of this issue, l almost feel like lm trapped. l have 3 kids youngest being 1 . lm hurt and upset that he has treated me with absolute 0 respect and even more hurt with my self because lm still here. L am mostly a problem solver in nature but for once l do not know what to do , think or even say about this issue. Who is this person.

PrancingQueen Tue 14-Jun-16 21:41:48

What do you want OP?
Do you really think he'll change now?
Both of you have to want to make a marriage/partnership work - it won't work if it's just you.

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