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Is my solicitor cr@p or are they all like this?

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donners312 Mon 13-Jun-16 20:21:29

In the middle of a really toxic divorce due to narcissist/psycho ex.

But my solicitor just doesn't seem to be on the ball at all.

Has to always be reminded to file things on time and still doesn't do it and today we were meant to send him replies to his questions. I gave her the info straight after last court date and now it is the day we were meant to send it and she is asking me questions (after reminding her last week and today to send it to him)

Should I just do it myself - really reluctant due to the problem my ex has with lying it is very frustrating trying to deal with him but dealing with the solicitor isn't much easier and costing me GBP 15 K so far!!!

been told not to expect any money (he's emptied all the bank accounts)
he doesn't pay maintenance i could have got the same result i have now for cost of court fee!

AstrantiaMallow Mon 13-Jun-16 20:27:51

In answer to the title question no they're not all like this. Complicated divorce from abusive man. My solicitor was/is excellent. Totally on the ball. Have you posted in Legal to ask what you can do about it?

donners312 Mon 13-Jun-16 20:36:13

thanks Astrantia, I did but then thought this board might be quicker.

I have to chase her to make sure she has done anything and she never has.

I feel I might as well do it all myself just the thought if dealing with ex directly puts me off.

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