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Anyone had experience of Domestic Violence Protection Order?

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ICantThinkOfAUsernameH Mon 13-Jun-16 20:04:24

Basically one was issued on my partner (even though I asked for it not to be).
He was caught breeching it and now arrested in custody to appear in court in the morning.
I contacted him asking to see him, we've a 5 week old and 3yo. Baby had an operation last week, no family help, so basically struggling.
I feel so guilty as I initiated contact and hes getting punished. Been told its a £5000 fine and/or 8 weeks in prison, just wondering if anyone else been in this situation and what was the outcome?

princessmi12 Mon 13-Jun-16 20:21:51

Hmm so how did they find out he breached the order?

ICantThinkOfAUsernameH Mon 13-Jun-16 20:25:21

Friend who is a pcso seen him leaving the property. Live in an area where there's a constant police presence

princessmi12 Mon 13-Jun-16 20:41:07

Just seems very weird
There's no reason for them to arrest him if you didn't report it (I assume you applied for protection order )
They might keep him overnight ,not sure about 8 weeks in prison but it would help if you called to police and explain the situation. They can be linient

LoveAGoodRummage Mon 13-Jun-16 20:49:18

The police can overrule the wishes of the victims when it comes to DVPO. I assume your partner had already been arrested for a matter related to DV for it to be issued?

Whilst I don't entirely agree with the concept, I can see what use they do have. It is for you to consider the situation and give you the space from your partner. If you are in a violent relationship, it is to offer some protection.

I'm afraid I don't have much experience of what happens after a breach. It will depend on the individual circumstances and any previous convictions your partner has.

princessmi12 Mon 13-Jun-16 20:49:42

Oh sorry missed the bit about them issuing order
Ye I get it now
Police been called more than twice prior to order issued most likely
It's child protection issue. ..
I get you feel sorry for him and it's hard to break away from toxic relationship but really and truly he deserves being arrested
Still doubt he'll spend 8 weeks in prison but it's good lesson for him
Try to stay away from him and see things in perspective

ICantThinkOfAUsernameH Mon 13-Jun-16 21:28:20

Thank you for the replies.
One previous conviction 2 years ago, this was a verbal argument where I was just as bad in my opinion.

princessmi12 Mon 13-Jun-16 21:29:58

Seriously OP are you being honest?
Who gets a conviction for verbal argument? ?

Marilynsbigsister Mon 13-Jun-16 21:50:09

OP, you really have to take a good look at your situation. Is this really the relationship and life it want your children to grow up in. ? None of the things that have happened in your relationship happen where the partner is genuinely loving, supportive and thoughtful to the mother of his children.

I have am married for the second time. First husband is father to my children. Sadly it didn't work out but at no time did he hit me, swear at me or cause me or our children to be scared. We separated, and continued o put our children first. We both remarried and continued to discuss our children's lives without anger or violence. My new husband is loving and kind to me and my dcs. - this is how it should be. This is 'normal ' . Anything below this standard of behaviour is unacceptable. Do not accept it for yourself. Never accept it for your children.

goddessofsmallthings Mon 13-Jun-16 22:03:51

When did the magistrates' issue the domestic violence protection order that your partner has breeched?

As these orders can only be issued for a period not less than 14 and no longer than 28 days, it would seem there has been a more recent incident than the one for which your partner was convicted 2 years ago.

ICantThinkOfAUsernameH Mon 13-Jun-16 22:18:23

Yes I meant that's the previous conviction, this one he was released without
Charge but a dvpo put in place. He was 10 days into it.
I appreciate your replies and am taking your advice/comments on board even if it doesn't seem like it. Just feel numb.

goddessofsmallthings Mon 13-Jun-16 22:33:20

Was he 10 days into a 28 day order that was put in place for your protection or was the order made for a lesser period?

When did the incident that caused the police to issue the domestic violence protection notice that led to the dvpo take place and were either of your dc present at the time?

goddessofsmallthings Tue 14-Jun-16 07:32:30

During the time your partner has been held in custody pending his appearance this morning in front of the magistrates' he will have had access to legal advice and, if he hasn't instructed his own solicitor, it's probable a duty solicitor will put forward a plea in mitigation citing your baby's operation and the fact that you made contact with him as reason for the breach.

As you know, the magistrates could impose a fine of up to £5,000 and/or impose a prison sentence of up to 2 months but they could take the view that being held in custody overnight was punishment enough, particularly if your partner's solicitor is able to persuade the court that his client has learned a salutory lesson and won't be found in breach again while the order is in effect.

As it remains to be seen what penalty, if any, will be handed down I hope you'll come back and let us know the outcome of today's court proceedings.

LoveAGoodRummage Tue 14-Jun-16 10:15:26

If you're frightened, please get some help and support. Did the police put you in touch with Women's Aid or pass you contact details? Hopefully they did.

A DVPO can be applied for when although no further action has been taken, it is considered 'on balance of probabilities' that there has been an assault etc (whatever happened in this circumstance.) Police officers will explain their concerns to the magistrates to justify why it's necessary. In other words - they are worried about you and your children. Forcibly preventing a person from accessing their own home is not done lightly. I hope you are able to seek some proper help.

ICantThinkOfAUsernameH Tue 14-Jun-16 23:44:18

Sorry for the late reply, they said down to the circumstances (me contacting
And baby's op) they'd give a £50 fine.
I'm going to use the remaining 16 days of the order to have a good think and stick to the no contact.

princessmi12 Wed 15-Jun-16 10:36:22

I hope you partner realise now what stress he's inflicting on himself and you. If he's got any brains he'd changed the way he interacts with you,if not then good riddance. You'd be much happier alone .And have a chance to meet someone decent in future.
Good luck Op

ICantThinkOfAUsernameH Wed 15-Jun-16 11:19:54

thank you princessmi12, and thanks for the advice. I've a lot of thinking to do.

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