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Starting new relationship

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Littlefrogletx Sun 12-Jun-16 18:14:05

Hi what are people's views on how long is acceptable to wait before starting any kind of new relationship when kids are involved.
To cut a long story short. Oh and me have been together 13 yrs 2 kids, 11 and 7.
The last 2 have been awful I've not loved him for a long time. He is convinced I am seeing someone else. I dont want another relationship.
But how long is deemed acceptable. He has told me I've got eyes and ears on me. He has been prowling in the garden, police were informed.
I don't think he will ever accept me being with anyone else.
But what about a friends with benefits situation.
I desperately crave affection. I have had an offer from an old friend to go for a drink and have nsa fun.
I know that this would never be a relationship he would never meet my kids
What are people's thoughts?

Muddlewitch Sun 12-Jun-16 18:16:07

When did your relationship end?

QuiteLikely5 Sun 12-Jun-16 18:18:02

You should do what feels right. It's not like you're taking men back every night or introducing them to your children left right and centre!

Do not let your ex control you.

Next time he contacts you unnecessarily tell him you are beginning to feel harrased and you will be calling 101 for advice

Enjoy your life, get out there girl

TheNaze73 Sun 12-Jun-16 18:18:19

How long has your relationship been done?

RiceCrispieTreats Sun 12-Jun-16 18:21:47

Your ex doesn't get to decide what you do with your life. It's not his prerogative to "accept" whatever it is that you do in your personal life, and there is no universally acceptable time limit.

Basically, your life is your own, and you get to do with it what you want.

He doesn't get a look in, and whenever he tries, keep informing the police.

Please free your mind from any thought that you need to justify your behaviour to this man. You don't.

All the best.

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