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Can't remember how this goes?

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Cantrememberanymore Sun 05-Jun-16 22:33:48

Long time poster but have name changed for this as it's an odd one had a kind of drunkenish one night stand type thing with a very nice man friend of a friend, he actually in the morning made it clear he wanted to see me again and text me when I got home slight jokey text. Since having ds 2 years ago after a long term relationship broke down I have been single for over 2 years and forget how these things go really do I msg him and say something in a few days he sent the last msg and I think I had a missed call from him yesterday but I can't remember how the etiquette is on these things? My phone died as the phone rang so I'm not 100% sure it was him. im sure I saw his name, also probably will be with a mutual friend having a bottle of wine next week at some point do I msg him then? I like the idea of seeing someone casually as ive spent so long on my own now.

Pettywoman Sun 05-Jun-16 22:40:07

I'd just send a simple 'how are you?' text. It might open up a dialogue.

Cantrememberanymore Sun 05-Jun-16 23:06:35

It seems so simple but I feel abit like a teenager and not in a good way I actually feel quite nervous and embaressed which seems an odd reaction to someone who allready seen you naked. blush

Aussiebean Sun 05-Jun-16 23:16:56

It reads like you think you should be 'playing the game'.

Personally I think if you like him, reply to his texts as well as initiate them.

There is only so much chasing he will do before he gives up. So stuff the game and talk to him.

Cantrememberanymore Sun 05-Jun-16 23:23:36

Thats the weird thing I've allways been very straight up i just feel as though I don't know how to behave anymore and I think im lacking in self confidence,

I really have know idea why i feel like this, I spent years dating and having fun I just feel so out of touch the text he sent was in reply to one I sent wasn't really one to reply to its just getting to me as I am definately intrested but feel I don't know how to express this properly without coming on to strong and scaring him off.

TheNaze73 Mon 06-Jun-16 07:56:24

I think you should just message him. I think 'the rules' & etiquette have been blown out of the water by the Tinder generation. Both men & woman have far more options open to them these days & generally can just move on, if somebody appears like they can't be arsed. Like pettywoman said, a general text, is all you need here.

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