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Confused about my friend

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BG2015 Fri 03-Jun-16 19:08:27

I've been friends with this person since we were teenagers.We're now in our 40's. We've been bridesmaids to each other, supported each other through divorce etc. We used to live close by as kids but both moved around a bit. She's been a good friend. She's opinionated and very confident. I'm similar but a bit more tactful.

I've always got the impression she's been slightly jealous of me. I've always earned more than her. My ex and I used to have quite a good social life, holidays, weekends away, meals out etc that she once commented on regarding on how much we earnt and how we were always showing off on Facebook - not intended just sharing our lives.

I'm now with a new partner and I moved house a year ago. We live reasonably close to each other now. She's supported me through so much and I love her greatly.

I know she is thinking that I'm obsessed with my new bloke (I aren't) and she would probably say I drop all my friends when I meet someone new ( I don't - I've been out with other friends and even away for weekends) I'm up for a night out as my DP often works evenings. There has been some controversy over my DP as he's got a chequered past (which some friends have made quite clear they aren't happy with and have basically dumped me) but she's not and has been there for me. The 'other' friends are realising they've been a bit quick in judging me and my bloke.

My friend and I have been out socially 3/4 times in the past year all suggested and arranged by me. She even put me off on a night out I suggested because of being skint, to then go out with some other mutual friends 2 weeks later - all on Facebook posted by another friend.

I'm now waiting for her to suggest a night out, we've been going to an exercise class together for a few weeks and every week I'm tempted to say "let me know when you're free for a drink" but I hold off because I'm waiting for her to suggest it.

I just don't get it. I'm not very good with confrontation so couldn't ever say anything to her. If I suggest a night out it will be me pushing it all over again.

TheNaze73 Fri 03-Jun-16 19:25:09

I totally get your viewpoint here, I'd do exactly the same. She does sound jealous. Glad you're putting aside time for your friends, single, married or in a relationship, they're so important. Does she not see you spread the love amongst other friends?

BG2015 Fri 03-Jun-16 19:33:57

Naze she does I'm sure. She's not a Facebook fan but regularly checks it, even though she doesn't post much herself.

I use FB a lot, to connect with family and share stuff with work colleagues. I'm a big Internet/social network user.

I honestly think she preferred it when I was single.

She always asks what I'm up to and then says how much it must cost - even though we do stuff quite cheaply.

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