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how do you know?

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SweetPeaPods Thu 02-Jun-16 20:25:53

Dh and I have been married 6 years, together 12. How do you really know if they are 'the one'?
I'm not sure if I'm just having a wobble, lack of sleep due to 2dc under 3, not seeing each other much due to work and various other stresses. I have no idea how things would work if we did separate, or if I actually want to, just not sure if I want to carry on as we are either. It's probably just me rather than us tbh but just wondered if it's normal or should I know?

Fourormore Thu 02-Jun-16 20:28:37

Lack of sleep and two DC under 3, I think having a wobble is totally normal.

mrsfuzzy Thu 02-Jun-16 20:33:10

not surprised you feel a wobble, there is an awful lot going on in your lives, have you talked to dh about how you feel ? communication is king in a relationship, along with loyalty, faithfulness and trust. if you have all those you have an excellent basis for a long loving relationship ime

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