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How is housework divided in your house?

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DetentionGrrrl Wed 17-Jan-07 14:01:44

When i comment that DP does housework, people seem surprised- surely he's not the only one?!

I'm not back in work until March, and DP works Mon-Fri. We both load / empty the dishwasher, DP is usually the one who hoovers, i iron his shirts for work and make a him lunch to take, and i wash the clothes. We both bath DS every night, and i take care of DS during the day. I cook every night except Fri- which is DP's night to cook...which means take away!

notasheep Wed 17-Jan-07 14:10:47

My dp even makes bread

TrinityRhino Wed 17-Jan-07 14:12:14

noone does anything

Twinkie1 Wed 17-Jan-07 14:12:52

DH does dusting and hoovering on Sunday morning when we at Mass - I do everything else - all cleaning of bathrooms and kitchen and tidying up which I think is a great deal more actually - he does do the ironing regularly though - and he is v attractive so can;t complain really.

JJane01 Wed 17-Jan-07 14:15:01

I work 4 days, DH 5. We both hoover, fill the washing machine, I do most of the cooking, he washes up. We both put the rubbish out. I'm normally in charge of cleaning the bathroom. DH's cleaning is 'bittier' than mine - I do top to toe, he does sections. The only thing I don't do is iron (anything) cos life's too short and I'm clever with drying/hanging clothes! DH irons his own shirts.

V v lucky to have a man that shares the chores. Hope DS takes note!

dmo Wed 17-Jan-07 14:16:14

my dh hoovers, mops the house. cooks most nights, tidys round, puts food shopping away, puts ironing away and cleans bathroom
i wash and iron, do the on-line shopping , sort recycling and bins out, dust (sometimes)and be a goodess in the bedroom

jellybellie Wed 17-Jan-07 14:16:37

Circumstances bit different as we both work full time but we have a cleaner and somebody to do the ironing each week. However, we share all the childcare and household stuff pretty equally - dh is as willing and capable of sticking a load of laundry in or emptying the dishwasher or cooking dinner or taking the bins out as I am so that's what we do. dh gets ds up and dressed in the morning, gives him breakfast and takes him to nursery - I pick him up from nursery, do bath and story time and put him to bed.

Dh lived on his own before we got together so maybe that's why he got used to doing household stuff - it's never been an issue - we just get on with it!

CountessDracula Wed 17-Jan-07 14:17:05

me 0%
dh 0%
cleaner 100%

Hulababy Wed 17-Jan-07 14:17:40

I work PT, DH works FT. We share the houswork on the whole, although I guess I do do more than Dh as I am home more and potter about.

I tend to do things like loading the washer, cleaning kitchen/bathrooms, windows, dusting, tidying. I generally hoover.

DH does all the ironing and most of the clothes putting away, he will also hoover and do bathrooms. He empties the bin and cleans the cars.

jellybellie Wed 17-Jan-07 14:18:10

Just a thought - we should all beware of thinking ourselves "lucky" that our dp/dh share the workload - IMO that's how things should always work

dmo Wed 17-Jan-07 14:19:55

my ds's aged 9 and 10
load dishwasher, hoover and dust own rooms, put own ironing away, take a shower/bath themsevles, polish all the shoes on a sunday

oh and sometimes clean microwave, dust skirting boards and sweep up outside

their wifes will be so grateful

Bozza Wed 17-Jan-07 14:24:31

I work 3 days and DH works 5 days. We have a 5yo (in school) and a 2yo (only in nursery when I am working).

clean upstairs including tidying/dusting/hoovering/cleaning two bathrooms
do all cooking including most lunches
do most washing/drying/ironing (70% of all 3?)
get DCs washed/dressed
do CM and nursery pick ups
do all child related organisation - re dinner money/reading books/invitation replies
buy all presents unless DH is charged with a particular task (eg getting DS a Liverpool strip for Christmas)
bath DCs 5x week
menu plan and order shopping

does all dishwasher loading/kitchen clearing
does c.30% washing/drying/ironing but often at my request
gives the children their breakfasts
does CM and nursery drop off
puts bins out
bath DCs 2x week
hoovers stairs
cleans DS's shoes

We share at cleaning downstairs, unpacking shopping.

DetentionGrrrl Wed 17-Jan-07 15:31:36

Nice to know he's not the only man capable of looking after himself (and me). We'll have to reassess who does what when i go back to work- i won't be cooking as much, and the night feeds will be shared (if there still are any *crosses fingers* )

Kittypickle Wed 17-Jan-07 15:32:56


kslatts Wed 17-Jan-07 15:34:38

I work full-time, DH works shifts. We split everything, chores and looking after dd's.
When I was on maternity leave I did all chores, this was my choice, I felt I should do it as dh was working and I was at home, he would of been happy to help out.

hollyj Wed 17-Jan-07 15:37:16

Isn't it annoying when you're supposed to be grateful that your OH does anything at all?
In our house I would say 70% me, 30% him but he does nearly all the cooking and looks pretty .

saythatagain Wed 17-Jan-07 15:37:53

I agree with jelliebellie's comment and think dmo is doing the sisterhood a great service for all future girls!
BTW - we share things in a sort of I-do-a-bit-more kind of way.

oxocube Wed 17-Jan-07 19:19:29

Me - most
DH - none
dc (aged 11, 9 and 5) make their beds, put away their clean clothes, take bottles round the corner to recycling, help to walk the dog, occasionally pop round to the shop if I've forgotten something, load and unload dishwasher a few times per week

ludaloo Wed 17-Jan-07 19:23:50

I do pretty much everything in the house and with regards to getting kids up, dressed and out.
Dh has recently started making breakfast for us all while we get dressed which is lovely....he just needs to clean it all away afterwards now!
I can't complain though....he works ridiculously long hours and gets very tired. I view the SAHM thing as my current job! Which brings it all into perspective I think.

zephyrcat Wed 17-Jan-07 19:25:01

DP makes the mess, I tidy up!

DrDaddy Wed 17-Jan-07 19:58:09

He's not the only one DetentionGrrrl - I hoover, load / empty tumble dryer, iron my own shirts and do the lion's share of the cooking because I find cooking relaxing while DW hates it. Actually I think I'm Gordon Ramsay. I swear more than he does in the kitchen though...

clairemow Wed 17-Jan-07 19:59:32

but Drdaddy, bet you never clean the bathroom....

DrDaddy Wed 17-Jan-07 20:00:24

No clairemow, I don't. But do you put the bins out??

Whizzz Wed 17-Jan-07 20:01:37

DH & DS make the mess....I clear it up
That's how it's divided

treacletart Wed 17-Jan-07 20:02:08

DH does almost everything .

I work 2 days a week and I'm at home with DS the other 3 but DH does the morning shift and has breakfast with DS most mornings. DH works full time but very near by so is home soon after 5pm most nights. He normally baths DS too. Weekends we normally split the childcare but because I'm 10weeks pregnant DH is definitely taking the lions share at the moment.

DH does practically all the cooking - actually I get quite fed up and not being allowed to cook, I used to be a great cook -all the hoovering, cat litter, bin changing, recycle sorting, loads dishwasher and washing machine - I often unload both but it's normally him. We don't often iron things, we wear a lot of jersey in our house! but when we do I do it. I do bathroom and any "deep cleaning". I also do most of the shopping, meal planning, sorting and arranging stuff, deciding where things should belong and all the financial dealings.

I'm very lucky.

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