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Dealing with not 'fitting in'

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JennaBlack Wed 01-Jun-16 20:10:46

Does anyone else feel or know that they just don't quite fit in with other women or friends around them?
I'm quite an introvert so am happy alone quite a lot of the time. I'm also fairly recently separated so am also spending time working on my own issues (self esteem / self worth) which is proving invaluable.
I've always known I don't quite fit in with friends which I'm mostly fine with as I know people like me, I just don't quite connect with most other women. I don't seem to be interested in the same conversations (of home life, children and family issues).
I'm in my 40's and am quite happy engaging in hobbies that other female friends seem to view as for younger women (which is fine) but I think that in itself sets me apart from others. I also live in an area where most of the other school mum's are older than me (I have teenage dc) so I don't think that has helped.
I have a few male friends (although I think some have other motives) so I feel it's just having a real connection with other women that I miss.
I'm just wondering if anyone else feels like this, what their experience has been and how they have dealt with it?

Minime85 Wed 01-Jun-16 21:31:57

I find women harder to get on with as a rule a group of them are very bitchy. You know where you are with men. I don't fit in in that I'm not in the in crowd, I won't just say things to keep people happy and I say what I think. I find it hard sometimes but deep down is rather be me and honest than a two faced woman like some of the women I work with whether I fit in or not. Their loss.

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