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Friends 1st

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Lone4anger Wed 01-Jun-16 13:01:03

Hi, just wondering if anyone has had any dealings with an agency called Friends1st. They are a 'religious' dating site - not online but by sending details which they have vetted after putting together a profile for you. Anyway, one of their promises is that it will be confidential/private - just between you and them. With me, they broke that promise and tried to laugh it off, but it has caused a major problem at home (and yes, I am single but I have family members sharing the house with me). I said that because this aspect was broken I would not be using them and wanted to be taken off their lists/cancelled the payments etc. They are now threatening me with debt collectors etc etc. What would you do?

Nanny0gg Wed 01-Jun-16 13:12:43

Trading Standards?

Lone4anger Wed 01-Jun-16 14:58:43

I never thought of that, but I am not sure they have done something which would come under that heading... I will certainly have a look online.

Rightho Wed 01-Jun-16 17:48:30

>>Anyway, one of their promises is that it will be confidential/private - just between you and them

There are a number of different issues here.

- breach of contract. If it was in their terms and conditions and they breached it, they have broken the contract. Whether that gives you a right to terminate the contract and/or not pay will depend on the circumstances of the case (for example if you have partially accepted services, you may be under an obligation to pay for what you have receive; but if the breach is a fundamental one, you may be entitled to set the contract aside totally). Your precise rights are fact sensitive and would need the terms to be looked at .From what you have said, if it is early on, you may be able to just cancel it.

- data protection. You don't say exactly what happened and how they broke your confidence, but it maybe a data protection breach. You can deal with this by checking if they are a registered data controller (they would need to be if it is a UK based organisation and failure to be registered is itself a breach of the act) here:

and you can complain about them to the ICO. But you'd need to be clear about what the breach was and how it took place.

- misuse of private information (breach of privacy).. This is a separate legal claim that, if you have suffered damage, can give you a cause of action entitling you to damages. There are mechanisms to issue proceedings under acronymns to protect privacy.

- as has already been said trading standards.

I would write them a formal letter setting out what happened in a very neutral fact based way including dates, times, their statement about privacy and make clear that you relied on that representation,

then say this is a breach of the contract terms/dp/privacy etc whichever matches your case.

and that you were entitled to terminate the contract and haven't received any services.

So therefore you trust that they will agree the contract has been cancelled and no money is due.

See what happens. Worst case scenario go and see a lawyer. You can get pro bono advice here if you fit their criteria.

clarrylove Wed 01-Jun-16 17:51:09

I work for an introduction agency. They are bound by Data Protection. What exactly did they do? Pm me if you like.

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