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need help (regarding my friend)

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Feelingsolow12345 Mon 30-May-16 23:06:40

I've just started talking to an old friend and I asked how him and his gf are. I should point out the last time we spoke he said his gf was paranoid and wouldn't give him no space.

so tonight he told me how he feels like she's pushing him away. she's started a new job and all of a sudden started going out with this one guy. she ignores all his messages when she's out but talks to everyone else. he's gotten that depressed he took an overdose and was rushed to hospital. he response to this was get yourself sorted. she keeps telling him she wants her own space concentrate on her career but won't let him see his girl mates (she won't even let him talk to me. he has to do it when she's not there) and keeps him there for when she's not with these new people from work.

I think it's emotional abuse or/and emotional affair turning into her cheating on him.

I keep telling him straight he needs to cut his ties with her but has so madly in love with her I don't know what else to say.

any advice and also what do you think of it all.

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