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Is another 'real' relationship possible after failed marriage and 2 kids

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ChocolateOrchids Mon 30-May-16 12:23:51

Hi lovely ladies

(Sorry my post is copied and pasted from separation/divorce column)

I've recently separated from my husband due to infidelity. We were together 10 years all together.

We only got married in 2014 and I'm devastated. We conceived a honeymoon baby (we also have a 4 year old girl) I thought everything was bliss just to later find out he was having an intense relationship with a co-worker.

I have since kicked him out of our home! (Trust me leading up I gave him so many chances) - over a year I endured his lying and cheating before I finally decided it was enough.

Now.. I just want to know what your opinions are on settling down again, realistically is his possible?

I'd like to hear some experiences and stories if any of you have experienced what I have gone through.

I'm very traditional and I am a devoted mother to my kids I thought I did everything right, treating him good, cooking fresh meals everyday, cleaning, ironing his shirts, we also had amazing sex, we were best friends... I wonder where I went wrong?!!!

Will I ever trust again to find love, will men even butt an eyelid at a woman with my kind of baggage- 2 kids and previously married ( still waiting for him to serve me the divorce papers) I'm on mat leave and he is working so he can afford to, if I were working I would have served them already!!)

I do get attention from guy, but I just give them evils and I don't want to have a casual relationship,l. I just feel no decent man would want to settle down with me and my baggage.

What are your thoughts ladies.

Sorry for my long dissertation!

Thank you if you made it to th end lol.

Would love to hear from you! X

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