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Where else to meet a decent man?

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honeyJD Sun 29-May-16 22:57:08

I'm 29, have a child from previous marriage, and work full time - so don't get much time to myself. When I do go out its with my best friend who is male so people probably think he's my boyfriend hmm (he's a no-go, as lovely as he is... just NO in romantic terms)
I've tried OLD - tinder, pof and eharmony. Had one date which went nowhere and lots of messaging others which dried up before they began. All the men at work are either middle aged or already spoken for.
My only real hobby is the gym where I go when I'm child-free, but I'm always accompanied by my mum so I'm hardly good bait for men... everyone tells me I'm lovely, attractive, smiley... So what am I doing wrong? Please tell me it isn't just me confused

Gabilan Sun 29-May-16 23:05:23

You're not doing anything wrong as such but having a male friend or your mum in tow when you're out isn't the best strategy.

Friends of mine are trying to set me up with a friend of theirs. It's very early days but so far, less depressing than OLD.

Can you join other groups? Without your mum smile

flatbellyfella Sun 29-May-16 23:05:58

Try being the hunter rather than the bait, lots of fellas are the same as you.

revealall Sun 29-May-16 23:15:23

You are young! Have faith, you are a great age.

You need to have more social life. I found that some people are just better at organising friends. Find that person and go to as much as you can.

Failing that can you get mum/ ex/ local teenager to babysit once a month and get some friends over for drinks, dinner, games whatever. They bring friends. Your male best friend must have mates, they must have mates? Can you not meet people at the gym, male or female? The more people you can involve socially the greater the chances of meeting someone you like.
You will have to put in effort though.

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