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I feel trapped and alone!

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RE79 Sun 29-May-16 21:19:27

I have a partner who thinks its ok to shout at my and call me name when he get in a bad mood. My baby is 12 weeks old and luckily he never does it in front of her . But he talk to me like rubbish when it suits. If I did not have my child , I would have left a long time ago. I look at him with utter hate when he does this and don't understand why he does this to me. I don't leave as I'm on maternity and worry about not having enough to support my baby. I've always been so independent and now feel trapped with a man who is just a fat overweight louse on life. He tells me he is sorry but being honest his dad treated his mum the same way. I pretend I'm happy to be here but really it's all just a show to make sure our baby has enough. My parents think the sun shines off him and his mum knows what he's like but this does not help. It's funny how everyone looking in thinks your so happy when your not.....I must be a wonderful actor!!!!

VioletBam Mon 30-May-16 02:42:23

He is abusive and you can get help to leave with Women's Aid.

They will find you accomodation and they will help you to settle down and sort out finances too.

Please call could be free within a week!

The baby is tiny and you need help....she won't know about any of this! She won't remember...don't stay!

Resilience16 Mon 30-May-16 08:15:54

Hi there. I am sorry you are in this horrible situation. Your partner is emotionally abusive.Regardless of what his own parents were like, it doesn't mean he has to behave that way with you.
You and your baby deserve better. Please contact Women's Aid for advice and support on your options.Hug for you and good luck x

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