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staying touch with old friends

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Salyo Thu 26-May-16 20:58:23

My husband and I are thinking about moving house to a new area before we need to start applying for schools for our eldest DC.

Although we would be living in an area that we prefer, one of our biggest concerns is that we would be leaving behind all the friends (both our parent/NCT friends and our children's friends) behind. The area we would move to is about 45 mins drive away.

I was told by one mum, that if we moved we might lose contact with most of our friends here but in the long run it won't matter as we'll make new friends, particularly when our eldest starts school and attends one or two after school sports/music lessons etc and that we wouldn't have much time spare for old friends anyway.

From parents with children in infant/primary schools - I'd like to know (regardless if you moved house or not), how often, if at all do you see mummy and daddy friends you made before your child started school.

Thank you x

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