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I'm becoming EA to dh

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fluffypacman Sun 22-May-16 23:36:09

I've been on another thread and there was a link to this It describes me and my relationship with my dh. We've been married a few years and TBH I always knew I'd married someone I thought I could live with and not be unable to live without. Trouble is I do think he talks bollocks most of the time and this is founded on fact as I used to believe what he said but then discovered by checking what he told me that it was crap. He's a slob who doesn't clear up after himself and if he's going to do a job he's happy to leave it half done. (Today's mild example is he closed 2/3 blinds and considered the job done well enough so I then had to close the curtains, he'll do the washing up until the drainer is full and then leave the rest for the fairies to finish). It's beginning to drive me batty and I do have problems verbalising my feelings and feel like I'd be at him non stop if I picked him up on everything. We've talked about counselling but I'm thinking maybe I should leave him to save him from me. I really don't like who I am turning in to. Help!

TheNaze73 Mon 23-May-16 08:19:53

I think the two of you have a lot to work through. Him being a slob (in your opinion) appears to be the catalyst here & you're only reacting, to his lack of action. Most people wouldn't put up with what he's doing to you & vice versa. If you think it's worth salvaging, talk....

Good luck

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