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Did marriage counselling change your mind?

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FlounderingWildly Mon 16-May-16 20:54:03

H and I have agreed start counselling. I currently want out. I was wondering if anyone else who felt they wanted to separate changed their mind after counselling. I'd be interested in the other ways it has helped too.

FlounderingWildly Tue 17-May-16 08:29:12


PurpleWithRed Tue 17-May-16 08:34:27

Nope. Joint counselling did nothing for us; solo counselling was very helpful in keeping me strong and on track when we were separating.

FlounderingWildly Tue 17-May-16 08:43:47

Thanks. I want to access both. I want the solo counselling for exactly the reasons you state. Did you split up? Did the counselling help do that in a better way?

PurpleWithRed Tue 17-May-16 08:47:39

Yes we split up. The counselling didn't help do that in a better way - if you mean a more amicable, adult way - but it gave me an outlet and some perspective in the runup. Basically you are paying someone to listen to you chew things over for an hour.

dreamerlemur Tue 17-May-16 22:47:56

I had some counselling with my ex husband over a specific issue but no did not change the course of the separation. It was my first experience of a counsellor at that time. However, I have since received counselling from a different counsellor and wow, what a difference. I call him 'microwave healing' as he seems to speed up the recovery process and seems miles ahead of the previous counsellor .

evelynj Tue 17-May-16 22:54:53

It stopped myself & ex splitting up for a good while& improved our communications somewhat. Sadly we just weren't meant to be together & have since split & went on to marry & have families with others so all for the best Id say. It can't do any harm imo so nothing to lose unless you're at the state where you can't stand the sight of each other. Best of luck for the future

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