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totally fed up.

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coco1810 Mon 16-May-16 18:38:53

Probably not the right place to post, but you all seem so lovely. I have absolutely no problem with DP, he's wonderful and I love the bones of him. I am just absolutely fed up of working so bloody hard and hardly seeing him.

We both work in retail and the only was I can be at work (due too childcare in six weeks holiday) is for me to work nights. I have three nights off a week but I am absolutely bloody knackered! I am trying to put in as much overtime as possible as like everyone else, money is very tight at the moment. But there never seems to be enough to allow me to just work basic hours.

We have Thursdays to ourselves while kids are at school and try and go out once every couple of months for a night out. Childcare is a nightmare!

Oooh, having such a gloomy-doo tonight sad

gemsangels123 Mon 16-May-16 22:10:04

cake sending cake to hopefully cheer you up! Cake is always the answer!
I think lots and lots of couples are like sailing ships passing through the night/day. It's a way of living for most nowadays.
Try and make the most of your Thursdays. Date night/day.....
I always think 'it could be worse'

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