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am I being unfair? is it pregnancy hormones?

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sammyjayneex Sun 15-May-16 13:53:54

So every now and again Me OH, my mum and the kids usually go up to my Gran and granddads for a takeaway night just so they don't feel alone or lonely and we do it for them so they have people around and something to look forward to.
Anyway we planned it for tonight ages ago with my mum and everyone else. Anyway my mum texts me asking me to make sure we are there for 4 coz she has plans after that and doesn't want us there too late. We usually go teatime about 5/6 and can go pick what we want and usually just relax but now she tells me she has made new plans after we made ours and now expects us to rush our day to get there for 4 so she can then rush off after for her plans. I told her it won't be possibly to get there for 4 as we have 4 kids and we have things to do as well in the day and eating at 4 is too early for us as a family as kids will have lunch and then tea usually about 5/6. Rushing about having to get somewhere for a certain time really stresses me out. Am I being unreasonable in suggesting 4 is too early? I've told her we can plan for next weekend instead when we are not all rushing off here and everywhere and where we can just relax and now she's saying I'm being funny with her because I've told her its best we rearrange. She's made plans that's fine, but now I'm being accused of 'being in a mood' for rearranging!!!
She's also texting me saying she's noticed I don't like her around anymore because she doesn't come to our house on 'drives' anymore. But with kids being in school and him at work we don't usually go anyway anymore ourselves. If we do go anywhere and don't invite her (sometimes it's last minute plans with us) she accuses is of 'not being interested in her anymore'
I do admit I have felt rather distant from my mum lately. I don't know why, I'm asking myself why and don't have an answer and I'm wondering if this is just hormones because I'm 38 weeks pregnant?? Or Maybe some hidden resentment somewhere? I've not ignored her on purpose though like she thinks.
Me and my mum get along, we rarely argue but we are not emotionally connected like some mums and daughters. We at not close in the sense where I can talk to her about anything? I dunno maybe it's just hormones?

MusicIsMedicine Mon 16-May-16 14:23:07

She sounds very narcissistic and that it's all about her.

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