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DIY divorce

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MrsDeathOfRats Fri 13-May-16 10:28:54

I received and read through the care package sent to me by a solicitor I had instructed. But it is far far more then I can afford.
I had an initial consultation with them a few months back and was given an estimate. That has almost doubled and I am looking at thousands of pounds in fees that I simply don't have the money for.

So that is no longer an option.

Now I'm going to have to do it by myself. I have read through the divorce proceedings section and it doesn't mention mediation anywhere.
I'm being told that I can go through mediation to avoid court but I genuinely feel that STBXH isn't going to agree with all that and this is going to get messy.

I don't know what to do.

whattodoforthebest2 Fri 13-May-16 10:31:32

Look at - there's loads of advice, forums etc on there.

MrsDeathOfRats Fri 13-May-16 10:51:23

thanks, having a look now.
only seems to be useful if theres no contests by H though.

whattodoforthebest2 Wed 18-May-16 10:03:34

Maybe have a look through the forums. It's been a while since my divorce, but I seem to remember a few lawyers posting on there with advice, so maybe start a thread and see how you get on?

MrsBertBibby Wed 18-May-16 10:14:57

In most cases, you have to see a mediator for a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) before you can issue an application to the Court to sort out finances, (or child arrangements). If it doesn't help, isn't suitable, or he won't go, the mediator signs the court form so you can go ahead.

You can in the mean time get the divorce issued. That doesn't require mediation.

Does that help?

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