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Anyone fancy helping me to divorce without the solicitor - ran out of money :0(

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donners312 Wed 11-May-16 14:02:31

Even my solicitor has now said I will probably get nothing from him - long story but short version is he lives in Middle East (I think) has emptied our bank accounts, pays no maintenance, doesn't really bother with the children etc etc

Anyway my solicitor fees are huge could literally go into tens of thousands with realistically no chance of getting a penny from him.

I still need to push the divorce through obviously to extract for him as he is chasing me for money (that he imagines i have but don't) and to protect me from future inheritances etc.

Please help if anyone can!!!

We are in court next week for a child arrangement order (he won't give me permission to leave the country i.e. go on holiday) and a financial hearing. but not sure he will be there and he has asked for an adjournment (which would be the second time as first court hearing adjourned at his request)

thanks so much for any advice!

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