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Feeling frustrated!

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Mummabear22 Tue 10-May-16 21:12:30

So I have been with my OH for 15 months now and we have a beautiful 3.5 month old DD (I got pregnant very early into our relationship). Overall the relationship has been okay and we get on really well.

Recently I have been feeling very frustrated with him, sometimes he doesn't even have to do anything and I get frustrated with him! He isn't very helpful around the house, I have to ask him 10 times plus to do something and even then I end up doing it! He also isn't very helpful with DD I pretty much do everything with/for her and anything he does it's because I've given him no choice.

I just don't know why I'm feeling like this and I'm just frustrated that I am! Not really sure what I'm looking for putting this on MN, just felt I needed to write it down and tell someone. Oh and I also have PND and anxiety not sure if this is relevant but there it is.

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