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Best wife in the world or good friend? HELP

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LauraKAT Tue 10-May-16 13:05:22

I have accepted an invite to an old school friends hen party, dinner in a local restaurant and to share a room with a couple of other friends.

I have also been offered seats in the Royal box at Wembley hosted for the FA cup final plus guest (husband).

Thought I could do both but kick off just announced at 5.30pm.

Who do I let down?????????


P.s. I have to be in attendance for fa cup tix to be used.

CiderwithBuda Tue 10-May-16 13:07:11

FA cup. Def.

Jackie0 Tue 10-May-16 13:08:02

I'd pick my husband without hesitation but you have already accepted the hen invite so it would be a bit rude.

LauraKAT Tue 10-May-16 13:11:07

I've accepted both as I thought kick off would be 3pm, so I could make it 🙁

Hubble thinks he's going....

wonderingsoul Tue 10-May-16 13:13:51

Footbal then join the party later.

Jackie0 Tue 10-May-16 13:15:57

Well it is rude to renege on the hen party acceptance but honest!y I know I would .
I'd much rather spend a day out with my dh and I wouldn't care that much what my friends thought, but I hate hen parties and overnight girls trips so it would be an easy choice.

StillDrSethHazlittMD Tue 10-May-16 13:16:32

I'm one of those people who sticks with whatever invite was accepted first. Anything else to my mind is rude. I've known people bail out of the first invite when the second, better invite comes along but then this makes the first invitee feel like shit and that they really don't matter.

Unless the second invite was something really, really once in a lifetime sort of thing. You may feel the FA Cup is, I wouldn't as I can't stand football. If you do back out, I would expect you to still pay your share of the hotel room (your friends shouldn't lose out because you've "had a better offer").

LauraKAT Tue 10-May-16 13:21:49

I've already paid and would never leave them out of pocket. I'm not so fussed about football, but it would mean a lot to my husband and once in a lifetime for him.

I think I am going to try and do both, as per wondering soul. I'll be very late by 2hrs but might be best answer... I don't want to let anybody down.


Branleuse Tue 10-May-16 13:24:21

Tell your friend that youre so embarrassed but youve double booked, and youre going to still come but you will be later than expected

LauraKAT Tue 10-May-16 13:35:48

Thanks all that really helped x

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