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Milliejay06 Fri 06-May-16 11:22:22

Hope it's is ok I join, little bit about me , was in a relationship that was not working and ended it over 18 months . I was fine with it ending as I new deep down it was t right.
We were living together but he got funny with me spending time with a close male friend Whom I have got closer to since.
I now live in a tiny shared place , just me n my dog but just dipping my toe back into dating but tbh heart not in it , I see my friend at weekends and not going to give him up !

Cabrinha Fri 06-May-16 11:29:27

Hello, welcome!
Do you have something you want to talk about?

Sounds to me like you want this "close male friend" and it's not going to happen - and as a result you've let it impact a previous serious relationship and now you're letting it hold you back from new ones.

Milliejay06 Fri 06-May-16 11:34:10

Think I've posted on wrong bit
But u maybe able to help I have feelings for my friend and don't know what to do

Cabrinha Fri 06-May-16 11:36:31

No it's the right bit!
Any kind of relationship discussed here - including unrequited love!
You might need to give more information though!

It's obvious you have feelings for this friend.
What is stopping you telling him?

Milliejay06 Fri 06-May-16 11:55:01

I'm not his type , plus he said he can't be bothered to date but we are so close , no secrets at all
I know it's not going to happen and I'm just his special friend as he calls me
But a few months ago he went on a date with some tart n I was gutted
And saying tart is not just bitterness I've seen her post on fb

Cabrinha Fri 06-May-16 12:09:47

Does "so close" mean that you are having sex with him when he feels like it?

It's OK to be friends with someone you can't have but fancy. But if it holds you back then it's not a good friendship and you should just cut it off.

I'm unimpressed with you calling another person a tart though.

If you are Facebook stalking the dates of a man you fancy then I'd say you can't handle being friends with him.

And I'm fairly sure you're going to tell me that you have had sex with him.

Milliejay06 Fri 06-May-16 12:17:59

No we not he sent me a drunk text last week saying did I want to but was very apologetic in the am
I've seen him naked lol

Milliejay06 Fri 06-May-16 12:38:25

She an ex of his and we have mutal friends so I see her posts
Sometimes and I'm sorry if your a mum of a teenage lad you don't pay pics she does.
I did fwb before and got hurt so never again

PointlessUsername Fri 06-May-16 13:13:54

He sounds like he is playing with you.
If he knows you have feelings for him but the feeling isn't mutual then he shouldn't have sent you that text at all.

Maybe you need some space away from him. Have you any other friends who you can rely on?.

Milliejay06 Fri 06-May-16 13:35:55

Why playing ? We enjoy our time together
Ppl assume we are together even his family
He not promised me anything that he not done , he treat me like we are dating but with out sex
I'm hoping when life settle he'll see me for me

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