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Anyone around for a handhold?

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Limegreentimemachine Thu 05-May-16 00:28:56


GettingIntoTheSpirit Thu 05-May-16 00:53:51

I'm here with a hand. What's wrong Lime?

Nollynoodle8 Thu 05-May-16 04:43:33

Me too smile

Limegreentimemachine Thu 05-May-16 23:26:19

Lillygolightly Thu 05-May-16 23:49:23

flowers lime, how awful. Your worth more, and you need him about as much as you need a hole in the head love. You deserve much much more, deep down somewhere inside you know your worth much more. Don't let him continue to rob you of your value and self worth. Get angry, get strong, get even and LTB in your dust. You CAN do it, you can leave him. It will seem hard but you will be better without him, you really will.

springydaffs Fri 06-May-16 00:40:03

God that's awful Lime flowers

LoveFromUs Fri 06-May-16 18:07:51

I'm here for you also, no man has the right to say that to any lady. I know things are hard for you but you really need to leave him, if not things are never going to change for the better.

Limegreentimemachine Sun 08-May-16 21:56:22


Rainbowlou1 Sun 08-May-16 22:01:34

I'm here too...from personal experience and Then working for WA, I can honestly say please contact them for support they will also listen.
You also will have lots of support here flowers

LineyReborn Sun 08-May-16 22:06:58

What would you ideally like to happen now? Him leaving? You leaving?

Limegreentimemachine Sun 08-May-16 22:23:39

He has left now. I am thankful if that.

I am just finding everything very difficult.

TheBouquets Sun 08-May-16 22:46:44

Consider this the first day of your new life in which you make the decisions and you don't have to deal with a fool who could not see what he had.
Think of this as the night to sleep before setting about getting your new life underway.
A few practicalities though
Change the locks on your main doors.
Get the bank to stop any joint accounts.
Inform HMRC that you are now a single parent.
Advice both sets of GPs that you are alone (babysitting, after work help
If house rented advise Landlord/ Agent
If house mortgage advise the bank
The good stuff
For tomorrow night's dinner get your very favourite meal, wine if you want or fav juice. Ice cream is a must!
Make sure you have a good stock of bubble bath and other pamper stuffs.
Enjoy your new life

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