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Why can't I find well balanced friends?

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monkeytree Mon 02-May-16 21:59:23

Hi. I do have two or three friends but none of them I feel I can just call in on at a moments notice. I have done with one friend and she was o.k with this but I can't invite this friend round for a meal with her family because her husband has OCD and doesn't like to eat out, it's all a bit bizarre the OCD seems to have rubbed off on her daughters and they seem terrified of catching something when they come to visit.

Then another friend actually set a timer when I went to pick my dd up from her house because dd was playing with her dd. Her younger daughter says ah you will stay and have a chat with my mum so X can stay longer not necessarily her mother said and set a timer which ticked very loudly (for 10 minutes). I also noticed this woman had made me half a cup if tea! She is a single mum and was going away for the weekend and wanted to pack so at first thought it ok but actually thinking about it I find it really rude. I hadn't seen her all week and actually could have done with a chat (we chat along quite well) but not really enough. She admits she gets stressed and has high blood pressure but does seem self centred. Both of us have little family and could do with friends. I often feel lonely. I help her out by feeding her pets when she goes away and have been a shoulder to cry on in the past. I think I'm not the only one she's upset.

Another couple who have an only dd likes our dd to play. They don't go to the same school - the girls meet at swimming and they live a few miles away. Yet they don't suggest we do things socially, it seems they like to spend their time decorating, cleaning, gardening and basically making sure everything is in it's place whereas we like to get out and about. I don't understand why we can't just befriend slightly more balanced people (I'm not saying we're perfect) but I would really love to have friends in life who make time for me (and the family) rather than being totally self obsessed with their own lives. Is it just me or do others experience this too?

pallasathena Wed 04-May-16 13:18:49

Sympathise o/p, I find most people a bit odd these days. There's a lack of humour, a dour seriousness permeating the air in my community and I travel a fair bit with work - its elsewhere nationally too. Everyone seems so bloody angry...

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