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Aibu to want DH to spent some time together

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Stardust160 Sun 01-May-16 19:18:58

Been together with DH almost 6years we have 2DC a 2year old and a newborn. DH spents a lot of time in his own little room whilst I tend to be in the main living room. DH went out drinking all day and night for mates birthday yesterday and he said he would spend time together tonight( I'm all for spending time with friends I'm going out with the girls on Tuesday). But now he wants his mate round🙄 I'm left on my own and to be honest it's quite isolating this has been quite frequent. We have a newborn and I thought he would try and make the effort to spent time together as a couple. This friend has been an issue before in the past as he's single and lives at home. Aibu to want to spent together as a couple on an evening when the DC are in bed?

BackforGood Sun 01-May-16 23:22:14

There's another thread running at the moment, asking how much time everyone spends in the evenings with their OHs - it's quite interesting the variation, and certainly clear that there's no correlation between couples who sit in the same room and some kind of magical happiness, against those who don't not being as happy. So it's what works for you.
Is there a reason you can't both spend time with the friend when he's round ?

When you have small dc, generally speaking it's tiring, and a time when a lot of relationships get strained. I don't necessarily think you spending lots more evenings together in "couple time" will make things any better, but I do think you need to let him know if you want more evenings together.

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