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A typical evening with your OH

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All0vertheplace Sat 30-Apr-16 22:11:23

Bit of a broad question, and not necessarily easy to answer, but what does a typical evening look like for you and your OH? How much do you do together, how much separately? How much do you talk? Laugh? Kiss?

Seeyounearertime Sat 30-Apr-16 22:21:31

Once DD is in bed, she's on the right seat of the sofa, I'm on the left. She's on her tablet, I'm on mine. The TV's on with Corrie or whatever.
We talk when we feel there's something to comment on but we don't really have physical contact beyond me squeezing her knee or she's tickling me etc. But that's not often.
We then go to bed, she goes up and cleans her teeth in her bathroom, I stay down and lock doors, tidy pots in to kitchen, turn lights off, clean my teeth in my bathroom and then we get into bed. We say goodnight and turn the light off or we fool around.

That's pretty much it for an average night.

Thisisthelastime45sc Sat 30-Apr-16 22:22:13

Depends how long you have been together.

After about a year cuddles, wine, maybe a movie.

After about 5 years, you need your own space.

After about 10 years +, you think I need more space, preferably a shed I can live in. grinsmile

useyourimagination Sat 30-Apr-16 22:24:27

I have my chair, he has his. He'll be on his iPad or reading something and I'll be on my laptop or stitching. About 9.30 one or both of us will fall asleep. The TV will be on and we'll generally watch the news at 10. He'll then go to bed and I'll follow about half an hour later.

It's all very amicable but not much conversation generally - we tend to talk over breakfast (6.15 ish) when we're both more awake.

Beautifulstorm Sat 30-Apr-16 22:26:15

Cuddles, the odd kiss. Joking and banter. Sometimes on our phones but we generally watch TV together and interact about what's on and what our days have been like. At about 11 we goto bed, we cuddle again, sometimes play fight (not often) sometimes joke around and sometimes a bit more wink

cherrypepsimax Sat 30-Apr-16 22:31:47

Phones are banned, laptops are banned from the sofa. Although it's generally Tv most evenings we also chat and we always sit next to each other and cuddle. ( although the dog tries to slide in between smile ) Dh works shifts so he's not home every night and I look forward to the evenings he's here. I also enjoy the time I get to myself!

Feelingsolow12345 Sat 30-Apr-16 22:33:02

dh will be on pc I'll be on mine playing our games together (we're the geeky type and not embarrassed to admit it) or we go to bed and watch movies till we have to sleep. sometimes fool around or just cuddle. sort ds out for his dream feed he goes to sleep (he's up early for work I'm on mat leave) he might stay up for me or go to sleep. That's basically it.

Phoeberdoos Sat 30-Apr-16 22:34:07

We play board games, watch TV, walk the dog go to bed for cuddles and maybe some other stuff. ;)

AdoraKiora Sat 30-Apr-16 22:34:39


Sometimes he works in his study and I potter about, read, watch TV.
Sometimes we are both laptop geeks and kind of half chat/half watch Tv while we look at stuff on our lappies (he is football obsessed, i like MN, various blogs, music).
Sometimes we watch TV box sets or films together.
Sometimes we have an early night and have sex and then chat in bed and listen to music until we fall asleep.

TheVeryHungryPreggo Sat 30-Apr-16 22:40:27

Kids in bed around 8, we do a few chores (there's always folding laundry!) then we ask each other what we want to do. Watch TV together, plan and organise stuff like trips to visit families/holiday/birthday parties/babysitting/dates, and if there is something to do together we will do that, sometimes with a glass of red wine or gin. DH bought me a 2000 piece puzzle for Christmas and we spent a few weeks doing that, listening to music and having a beer for an hour or two, three times a week. We're going to get another one I think, it was really fun! Occasionally one of us will say "I'm really getting into my book/I have a new computer game I'd like to play for a couple of hours" and then we will spend the night separately. Get in bed for 10.30 and lights out by 11.

We used to be night owls who were never asleep before 1am, and now I think 11pm is too late. Mind you, I wasn't regularly woken at 3am before children, so that probably has a lot to do with it! DD will probably wake at 6.30 tomorrow, she knows nothing of bank holidays!

StillMedusa Sat 30-Apr-16 22:56:26

We have our own sofas (I share mine with one of the cats)
He has in the last year finally discovered the joy of reading and is usually on his kindle. I'm on mine or with my laptop or a book. We chat a bit and and to DS2 (last one at home currently).
He goes to bed much earlier than I do due to his job so off he goes and I have another hour or so reading with a glass of wine.

Together 28 years so far and while we aren't swinging from the chandeliers, we are quite content smile

Falling270 Sat 30-Apr-16 22:58:36

I cook dinner as soon as I get in, he's in and out of the kitchen, pottering. Cuddles and kissing and joking around. We have dinner and chat about our day and share any gossip then he does the washing up and we are into PJs and onto the sofa where he spends about 30 mins on the IPad and I go on Mumsnet. Then we watch something together on Netflix usually draped across the sofa alternating giving foot rubs. Bed is about 1030pm where we kiss and cuddle for a bit before falling asleep.

Emz449 Sat 30-Apr-16 23:11:43

Get home from work, into pjs, chat about our days and tell him any news or interesting things I've heard. We then make dinner together and do washing up etc. We decide what we want to watch, usually a box set, then cuddle up on the sofa. Have set positions on the sofa, he will rest his head on my lap while I'm sat up which I love. Very content smile Weekends add in a bottle of wine and some beers grin We do quite a lot together actually but then we can't talk much during the day because of work so make up for it in the evenings.

AriaTloak Sat 30-Apr-16 23:16:13

After DD has gone to bed I get my make up off, scrape my hair back, let my gut fall out and stick my stinking feet on DH's legs while he tickles them and we watch some total rubbish on the telly, or he'll play the PlayStation and I'll lurk on MN.
Then it's up to bed to caper around and eventually go to sleep!

HormonalHeap Sat 30-Apr-16 23:32:46

Look forward to him coming home. First thing he does is tell me what's been going on that day. Then maybe he'll help the kids with something, then we'll eat, watch tv seperately or I might have a bath, or we might snuggle together watching tv. Always get a kiss/hug when he comes in.

PeppasNanna Sat 30-Apr-16 23:43:03

After dc have gone to bed, we rarely talk. On our phones or reading. He might have a few glasses of wine, I dont drink.
Tried to get dp to chat tonight but gave up.

He works shifts so rarely go to bed at the same time. Pretty crap when alls said & done!

LocatingLocatingLocating Sat 30-Apr-16 23:47:27

After DCs go to bed we normally watch a programme together (something off Sky+). Then I have a bath and DH potters around with some project or another. I MN or watch something on the IPad in bed, and DH brings me a cuppa and we go to bed.

Most of our indepth discussion happens in the morning......

LilaTheTiger Sat 30-Apr-16 23:56:11

We have a cup of tea and a cigarette in the garden, and give day highlights. Cook dinner, eat and tidy up with radio 4, 6, or good music. Watch an hour or so's thing on TV and then bed. Sounds boring but it's nice together, we laugh a lot because we think we're hilarious.

BertieBotts Sun 01-May-16 00:00:08

We sit on our separate computers usually with headphones on blush I go on MN and other forums, sometimes watch something on netflix, he's normally watching something and playing games at the same time.

When one of us gets up to go to the kitchen or get a drink sometimes we'll have a short conversation.

We both like it this way though! Sometimes we'll both go to bed early and chat/play on our phones/well you can guess the other thing.

VoldysGoneMouldy Sun 01-May-16 00:02:10

Depends on how well I am. On a good day, we'll cook dinner together, then find some trash to watch (we're out of TV series at the moment, it's awful), eat, chat all the way through it about all sorts, I take my meds, I'll crochet whilst he'll research something on his laptop, I'll sometimes have mine on, then eventually head up to bed, chat a bit more then snuggle down in our seperate duvets.

On a bad day, I crawl up the stairs, he brings up my laptop and a drink for me, and I'll build a nest to hide in and watch some comfort TV until my meds kick in and I drop off. Sometimes call him for anything I need or a hug. Then I'll be asleep by the time he gets upstairs.

We're pretty chilled here really, and both okay with our own space.

BertieBotts Sun 01-May-16 00:02:56

Thisis grin Spot on, we have been together 5 years! But only married for 2.

Meow75 Sun 01-May-16 00:10:24

He has recently got a PS4 after his 3 died about a year ago. That is upstairs in the spare bedroom, so he's likely on that when I get home anywhere from 5:45-6:15pm, he'll cook and I might load the washing machine. Eat dinner and we might watch a game of ice hockey played across the pond in USA/Canada. He might go back to the PlayStation if the game is slow. I am often knitting and watching but a wee bit depressed so it's mostly just gawping aimlessly at the TV thinking, I'm gonna start knitting in a minute. Often don't.

Bed about 10:00pm week nights, anything upto 03:00am on the weekend.

shiningnight Sun 01-May-16 00:25:41

We have a teenage DD so we we're able to spend a few nights out the house every week, and it changes depending on whether we're out for the evening together, doing our separate things or having a night in. Also whether we have work/hobbies/home stuff to sort out, or if we're able to just relax. We usually have a chat about our day, discuss something we've seen or heard about, catch up on family/friends gossip and have a bit of a laugh. We like to watch films together when we're at home, and go to the theatre/galleries/bars when we go out. We only have one living area (open plan kitchen/living room) so if he's doing his gaming on his own and I'm on my PC, we're still communicating and swapping comments while doing our own thing.

DH tends to go to bed earlier than me at about 11pm, I'm happiest going to bed after about 1-2am. But we'll have an early night together a couple of times a week wink, and if we've gone out for the evening we'll usually go to bed at the same time.

Cabrinha Sun 01-May-16 07:54:50

We're only 7 months in and don't live together. So we apologise and are quick if we need to use our phones. The TV is never on. We cook and eat together. We chat about the day, and life. We always sit on the same sofa, always touching - sometimes intertwined but always at least a head on shoulder or legs over lap. We always have sex. I don't know how long we'll sustain it but after a shit marriage to a cheating arsehole, I'm very aware of not wanting the closeness to slide completely!

Cabrinha Sun 01-May-16 07:56:14

Oh and the kissing... I don't think we go more than 5 minutes without a kiss grin (except during dinner if it's at the table - we like to picnic so that definitely means kissing whilst we eat over a much longer period)

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