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Match, Tinder, Eharmony...Where to go for LTR..?? HELP!!!

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Clara101 Sat 30-Apr-16 14:23:52

Posting for my DSis, 37. She is online dating and wants advice on the best sites to meet guys who really want a LTR... Ie to weed out those who just want hook ups.

Advice pleeease... If you met online which sites were especially good?

Any other advice for a DSis who wd love to have family and finding it tough when friends all seem to be in the married/baby phase??

Trills Sat 30-Apr-16 14:27:56

The way to weed out those who want hookups is to talk to them.

And to put it on your profile that you are not interested in that.

Some say that the paid-for sites have a higher ratio of people looking for LTRs, but they also have much much smaller numbers of people.

Foreverlexicon Sat 30-Apr-16 14:33:17

I met my partner in POF. Took almost a year of dates (although I stopped for about 4 months in the middle) before I met her. Met
Some odd ones and some 'not for me' ones until I met her but I've been with her 18 months now and live together

Clara101 Sat 30-Apr-16 17:30:09

Thanks Forever and Trills.. Those are good tips. She definitely does weeding out through talking and I'll get her to check profile. Will suggest POF

Does anyone else have thoughts/tips on good/not good sites?

Which are the best pay for ones?

Twinklelittlestar1 Sat 30-Apr-16 21:37:51

Myself and two of my best friends (all in our thirties) met our partners on eharmony. I had five dates on there before meeting my partner and they were all perfectly nice none-weirdo types!

squicketysquack Sat 30-Apr-16 21:41:41

I met OH on guardian Soulmates, and have several friends both male and female who are now either married or in LTRs with people they met on there. I have heard though that it's not that great outside of London / the South East in terms of numbers of people. I met quite a lot of really nice normal blokes from there, which was not the case with some of the other sites I tried!

Clara101 Sun 01-May-16 07:38:45

Thanks squickety and twinkle.. I think she has tried soulmates but will suggest e harmony too.

It can be tough going when friends all seem settled and you fear it won't ever happen for you. Does anyone have tips for dealing with that side of things?

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