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My partner just left again (LDR)

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HarleyQuinneee Thu 28-Apr-16 13:35:52

Name changed.

My partner has just gone home, to another country, after 6 beautiful weeks together. I'm heartbroken. They'll be back in about 8 weeks time for another visit but I'm just feeling super sad

The house is so quiet again. My kids are either at school or at their fathers so I'm alone here a lot of the time. It was so nice having someone around the house. Am feeling very lonely already. I know I shouldn't wallow but they only left this morning so I'll allow myself a few days of self pity wink then pull myself together.

Just wanted to talk about it.

Dowser Thu 28-Apr-16 15:40:59

Oh dear. Is this something you manage quite well. I'd be rubbish at it. Two weeks on two weeks off if I was with someone on the rigs but 8 weeks away, 6 weeks home is a lot of time on your own.

My cousin does about 4 months away on a cruise ship. Some people are good at making ldr work. Is this a fairly new relationship?

HarleyQuinneee Thu 28-Apr-16 16:28:21

We've been together since about June last year. It's complicated because of family but I think we are moving towards them coming here permanently at some point.

It is hard but it's worth it. The alternative is no time together!

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